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When we mention our customer service is top-notch, we aren’t just saying it.
Check out how some of our current clients feel about us, and see why AIIS customers stay AIIS customers:
  • Vivek is a gem of a person and his equally good at conducting his business like a thorough professional. I would recommend him very strongly for any insurance/investment related work. I am sure you would be delighted with the results.
    - Pratik Agarwal
    Presales consultant at Tata Consultancy Services

    Vivek is one of the finest human being I have ever come across.He is a business men but with a unique difference of being extremely polite,cooperative,friendly and above all totally non money minded.
    He is gem of a person and priveldged are those people who have vivek as friend.
    I wish him all the very best in his life.
    - Saif Rahman
    Business Head Enterprise Services with 14 plus years experience,specialization in telecom at Bharti Airtel Limited

    Over the past 2 decade's we have been using a variety of agents for our insurance requirements at the personal & company level. There was always a thing or 2 that would get missed as a result of the spread of work between many agents & different insurance companies. In 2008 we took a wise decision to bring all the policies under one roof Arora Insurance & Investment Services. Mr. Vivek & team has streamlined our requirement & has come up with value addition solutions which have definitely started showing results. Today we don't have to worry about timely payments, updates of new policies for next financial year planning within stipulated budget, non usage of our resources to follow up on queries & many more like these issues that we had to figure on our own. We would definitely recommend Mr. Vivek's company as a very positive & professional agency to do business with.
    - Shailesh Kanchan
    Creative Director at KOKORO Graphics. Pvt. Ltd

  • Vivek is hardworking, sincere and is committed.
    - Amal Shah
    CEO at Yash Enterprises

    Trustworthy, perfect in execution & follow up. Soft spoken
    - Bhupendra Jha
    Technical Advisor at BRG Group of Companies

    I know Vivek for last 6 years, Vivek has redefined the defination of a "Financial Advisor" with his great work ethics and commitment towards his clients. Vivek is very commited and adds value to his clients with his meticulous approch. Thanks Vivek !!!
    - Rakesh Agarwal
    Assistant Vice President at J.P. Morgan

    Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity
    - Sonal Jolly
    Chief Business Manager - Wealth Management at MNC

  • Vivek is an awesome financial advisor with vast knowledge of various products, extremely reliable and possesses a great attitude, but the attribute which strikes you the most is his integrity. He takes great care to understand your need and suggest most suitable products. Over the years I have depended solely on him for my long term financial planning and the results have been great.
    - Mohit Arora
    Associate at JP Morgan Chase

    Vivek is an excellent advisor when it comes to recommending financial solutions including insurance. All my family policies have been procured through Vivek and I feel greatly satisfied with the choice of solutions that were recommended by him. He has a very high level of integrity and maintains extremely high service standards which is absolutely delightful for a busy customer like me. He has been able to use his contacts extremely well for the benefit of his clients and has proved his calibre by getting my brother's early death claim approved from LIC which seemed like a huge impossible task.
    - Rohit Agarwal
    Vice President at Deutsche Bank

    Vivek has changed the facet of being a service provider to being a personal life consultant . His soft spoken and very thorough knowledge about the product and matching to your expectations and needs takes him where he is .. . towards a rewarding trustworthy advisor. His detailed approach and almost painstakingly meticulous process is laudable ... At the same time he is on a continuous self improvement drive to enrich his knowledge with which he can improve his reach ....
    - Suhas Kulkarni
    At DuPont

  • Vivek Arora has been an exceptional Agent – within 15 mins of meeting him he started talking like a friend providing advice and guidance on policies, insurances and investments. Vivek possesses exceptional leadership qualities, manifested by an ability to provide vision, focus on the needs of the individual and table the best option. A soft spoken, amicable yet a very persuasive leader, Vivek can relate effortlessly to people at all ages. Working with him has definitely been a rewarding experience and his responsiveness to resolving tricky issues is simply superb. I have recommended him to many friends and to-date I have not regretted it.
    - Anish Shah
    Senior Consultant

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Vivek for the past 5 years working in the Insurance & Investment Industry. Vivek is a smart Advisor, Customer focused, insightful, well educated and reliable person, has no problem to work hard when necessary. Brilliant, loyal and intelligent Investment Advisor, understands complex matters even when outside of his direct area of expertise. Very positive attitude towards work. Shows all the time an easiness to build interpersonal relations with others.
    - Rajesh Koli
    Manager, Project Engineering Dept. at Tai Chin Copper Technology Co. Ltd

    Vivek is an honest , deligent and sincere human being. Respectful and deicated to his work. Always see 's the best in everybody.Loyal to the organisation and gives 101% to anything he is assigined. Great Team Player always willing to extend a helping hand. He has reached his zenith through hard work and honestly. Adaptable in any given situation. Last but not the least a great friend.
    - Arlene Alves
    Independant Consultant- Soft Skills Trainer

  • I have known Vivek for the last 15 years and have seen him blossom into one of the finest sales professional around, not only in his vertical of Insurance but all other industries too. Very rarely do I come across an Insurance sales guy as upfront and forthcoming as Vivek. In a field where the customer is forgotten once the first premium cheque has been deposited and the chunk of commission earned, Vivek has carved out a niche for himself with his dedication to impeccable service levels for his clients. I can surely say he spoils his client by his service and we cant think of another insurance agent beyond him I was impressed by his approach to work when he offered to service orphaned policies left behind by my previous insurance agent. In my interest, he advised me to continue with those mediclaim policies, even if it meant no commission for him and did not tell me to move my policies to his preferred Insurers. His service in handling my claims have also been very efficient, prompt and with zero hiccups I have always been recommending him to my friends, clients and associates and Im sure everyone is happy with his work Keep up the great work going and i wish Vivek all the best as he marches towards more milestones in his career.
    - Ramprasad Padhi
    CEO at

    Mr Vivek is the one word which resemblance to trust !!!!! he is so good in advising good things so that we are benefited.always been a support to me a good honest person.
    - Sachin Shirke
    SALES ASSISTANT at France Délices
    London, United Kingdom

    I highly recommend Vivek for all the works, he is highly trust worthy, reliable and get you more than 100%...
    - Anand Khemani
    CEO at e-xpress interactive Software Pvt. Ltd.

  • I have been associated with Mr Arora for over 4 years now and I can say only a few people I know have the same amount of high integrity as Mr Arora has. He is a through professional who keeps his clients best interest in mind and does educate them about financial independence. He is thoroughly organized extremely customer centric and an honest person to do business with.
    - Sanket Rao
    at Phase Forward, Mumbai

    Vivek is an excellent person to work with. He is punctual, reliable and fulfills his committments, needless to say...' and always with a smile'..
    - Bindu Mehra
    Visual Artist
    Toronto, Canada

    I have known Vivek from past two years He is extremely hard working professional. I am completely confident of his expert advice for all my insurance related matters. Wish him all the best for his future endeavors.
    - Vikas Singh Bishnoi
    Manager at Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd. (Reliance Infrastructure)
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